So this time pictures of the Persona Club III EP World book which just like the IS World book ( has a pink color scheme. The Cover with Maya on it is a hardcover and if you take if off it shows Philemon on the front and Nyarlathotep on the back.

For each EP character there is a character file full of information, Q+A, fanarts and handwriting of the character on the last page (Maya’s handwriting is my favorite since it is the messiest.)
Then there are Persona fashion exposition sections and also Character files about the Tsumi kids (so basically what changes the EP world brought) and Character files about the important relationships of the P2 duology and a Gossip News section about Muses, P1 characters as well as antagonists like Sudou, Kandori and Chizuru.
So basically it’s a fan guide full of small pieces of information and fanarts.

The last part briefly introduces the main series and games like if… and Soul Hackers.

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